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On E-surance, Insurance, Assurance and Ensure

I just caught the segment on FoxNews with Robert Kennedy and Michael Gallagher concerning the energy concerns we are facing today.

It never fails to amaze me how the left brain (or lack thereof) tends to “operate” (can the process of emoting actually be tied to reason and thought?).

Kennedy makes the observation that insurance companies are against nuclear energy due to the risk involved.

He also spoke at long-length about capitalism as well.

Let’s talk about risk.

In a capitalist society, who assumes risk?

When you start a small business, do the insurance companies provide policies for you in case your business model fails?

I’ve run a small business, and I know.  I assumed the risk.

There was no Geico, no Travellers, no Met Life.  It was on me.  The venture capitalist.

When some welfare queen decides to spill hot coffee in her lap on her morning commute, was it the insurance companies of the fast food industry who assumed the liability?

It was the party in question.

When you look at the number of companies who are sued, who pays?  Who pays in employee disputes?  Who pays when someone slips at the local grocer, or when some sociopath decides to lace pain reliever with cyanide?

Kennedy is full of this irrational thinking that there is some over-riding authority that steps in and takes care of things.  Big brother, insurance companies and the welfare state UNLESS you are a capitalist.

They make war on corporations by bringing lawsuits.

We pay the price.

We pay higher prices for our products, and we pay by losing jobs to over-seas suppliers.

So, here’s my opinion, Mr. Kennedy: let’s drill for that damned oil that WE OWN.  Let’s build those nuclear plants!

You say “they won’t be profitable” – you know what, you said the same thing in the 70’s (thank you Jimmy Carter and all your Manson family, flower children of the corn constituents).

Had we stayed on course and built those plants in the 70’s, they would turning a profit today and we would not be in this pickle.

You demonrats are all the same, you wish to destroy our society, and all based on your concepts of living like stinking pigs in some global-village-commune.

You need to take your high-ideas and move to where-ever Susan Sarandon is going after McCain gets elected.

I’m sure you can find a nudist commune somewhere in the world that would have you.  You mentioned Iceland in your debate this morning, maybe they will be sympathetic.

With your theories on global warming and climate change, it will do you good to see what it is like to live naked in the cold – then you can ask yourself if that is really what you desire for the rest of humanity (once you get acclimated).

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