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Rumblings in the Prison Yard

Now that Gitmo is a faded memory, and what were once enemy combatants (just like illegal aliens were once, illegal and for all intents and purposes are now American citizens with full rights and benefits), now that these thugs are turned loose on our streets along with the M-13 gangs and all the rest of the scumbags to whom our liberal courts have pretty much given the baby along with the bath (oh wait, we are the one’s taking the bath) – now what?

Essentially, they have broken down the walls of the prison and turned the Nation itself into a prison.  They stand idle as we are held hostage (sound familiar, Jimmy Carter?).

What is a poor boy to do?

They negotiate with terrorists.  They try to “love” their way into their mad and maniacal hearts. There is no love in the heart that seeks to kill and destroy.

I believe we are seeing, first-hand, what the people of the time of the Red Scare were warning us – that there is an enemy within.

I am extremely uncomfortable with the tone of my posts of late.  I’ve explained before that I am no seditionist.  As a Southern boy, I know what happened to our great Nation as the result of such things.  I also know our forefathers broke from the crown – which could be argued a less extreme form of sedition (they were, after all, colonies).

I am beginning to feel like an outcast within the “borders” of my own country.  When terrorists and criminals and gangs seem to have more rights than do I, why should I continue to participate in a government that is obviously out to stick it to me?

Well there are compelling reasons to endure it.  Reasons to stay in the fight.

Sacco and Vanzetti come to mind.

While the history is, as it usually is, clouded – the facts in their case are an obvious parallel to what is happening with Gitmo.

Claims are made that they are persecuted due to their national origin.  It was brought down to race and human rights then, and it is now.

There is a claim that ballistics tests proved that Sacco was guilty and Vanzetti innocent.  The fact remains that in addition to their cultural heritage, they also had the heritage of being anarchists (both proven so).

The anarchist, like the terrorist, plots against nations.  The anarchist seeks to over-throw a nation.

You may remember that Michael Dukakis pardoned them both, so many years after their execution. I find the act dubious at best.

The arguments simply do not work for me any more.

Do I think that there are descent, law-abiding Mexicans in this world – you bet.  Do I think there are those who belong to gangs like M-13? Look no further than our prison yards.

While I can appreciate that opinions do differ, when opinions cross over and take the form of violent action, then an open attitude toward free and open discourse becomes rather moot.  One side wishes every time to use violence to accomplish its goals.

Free thinkers will argue, every time, that it is a form of violence perpetuated by the evil state when men like Sacco and Vanzetti are executed, or in current terms, men like the terrorists at Gitmo are held in prison.

In spite of the fact that they are largely, ethically treated (even when there were abuses, these abuses were uncovered and corrected), this is still not good enough for those sympathetic to the terror (“Supreme” Court).

What is this thinking in which certain people think they are savior-like in offering their lives for the politics of the prisoner?

While you are willing to turn terror loose on our streets, so willing to place your life in harm’s way, at the same time you place all our lives in harm’s way as well.

You are no martyrs, you are co-conspirators to murder, and you place us in the cross hairs.

By aiding and abetting terrorists, you might just as well have lit the fuse on the human bomb.

While your arguments are that you are upholding rights, in fact, you are robbing human rights.  Because of your high-minded principles you place all of us in harms way.

You seek “justice” for the profane.  You turn loose the criminal.  You make war on the very nation that fights to preserve your right to speak.

So you see, it is very difficult for me to sincerely advocate sedition.  I feel I’d be far too much in league with the anarchist, and even with the terrorist.  In a real way, they would win by tearing my country apart.

So with what are we left?

We must express ourselves, openly and freely.  We must avoid reducing ourselves to the level of the terrorist (or the “Supreme” court justice).  We must continue our struggle for freedom, and we must do all that we can to stamp out the incendiary fires of anarchy.

The only thing that makes our country truly free is our commitment toward maintaining it as a good place to live, and not as alternative a horrible place to die.

We can accomplish this, but at every turn of the screw we are bound by the social contract to point out when horrid injustice takes place.

Christ teaches us that man can perform no greater act than laying down his life for another – I truly wonder what He would say about men (and women) who are indeed willing to lay down their own lives for their principles, and in that place everyone else’s life in jeopardy as well?

I simply do not believe it is the same thing.  While so many Christian followers are persecuted, they choose as individuals that path (and NOT for the sake of persecution).  Their teachings, it was argued, threatened the state (Rome you’ll remember, eventually fell, and as we all know became one center of Christian following).

Did Christ drag people to be executed on the cross beside Him?  I think not.

Our armies are completely voluntary.  Each man and woman puts their life in harm’s way as a function of choice, and not mandate or draft.

Can the same be said of these Supreme Court justices.  They are placing the nation at risk.

Whatever drug-induced, pious and self-righteous principles drive them, they are simply wrong.

There is nothing just in their decision.

Like that last brilliant Democrat candidate for President, Michael Dukakis, they are drunk with taking sides with those who wish to see harm come to our country.  This form of free thought is like a snake that constricts itself, or devours its own tail.  It is warped, it is perverted and it is just, plain, wrong.

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